Photographer // Cam Grant

Cam Grant is an Armed Forces Veteran, freediver, conservationist and underwater wildlife photographer originating from the beautiful state of Colorado. Currently living on the Hawaiian Islands, Cam is on a journey to inspire more positive action on behalf of our ocean and its inhabitants. He discovered photography and visual arts from an early age and soon realized how powerful a tool it could be for implementing change and providing perspective. Between studies in Marine Biology at Hawaii Pacific University and his ever-growing knowledge of photography, he has attempted to highlight the beauty and tragedy occurring in our ocean waters. By sharing his invaluable interactions, he hopes to encourage individuals to help protect our irreplaceable marine ecosystems throughout the world.


Photography is an outlet that has allowed him showcase his creative outlook on the ocean while displaying both social and behavioral attributes of various marine species. Many of which fall victim of negative human interaction such as bycatch, finning and numerous other commercial and recreational fishing practices. Cam holds high hopes his work will influence sustainability by altering global mindset in regards to ocean conservation.

Recent Travels: Tonga, Fiji, Florida, Mexico, Tahiti

Recent Studies: Sharks: Global Biodiversity, Biology and Conservation (Cornell/ University of Queensland)

IG: @camgrantphotography FB: Cam Grant Photography

Fiancé // Kayleigh Burns

Kayleigh Burns found her passion in the ocean 5 years ago after moving to the Hawaiian Islands. Her eagerness to learn led her to become a shark and marine conservationist with One Ocean Diving and roles in Water Inspired Conservation. Kayleigh is a shark safety diver, PADI dive master, Apnea Total Certified Freediver and representative in One Ocean Diving Keiki Outreach Program which assists in education throughout the islands. She strives to combine ecotourism as it relates to marine life with media outlets to inspire protection of our oceans.

IG: @Mermaid_Kayleigh  FB: Kayleigh Nicole Burns 

Kayleigh Burns // Marine Conservationist

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